The Future is a Scary Place

I considered for a while what to write about, especially in regards to my first post and I couldn’t decide the tone that I wanted to set for the posts to follow. I’m not really a chatty person, especially not in text form, but I’ll do my best.
I can only hope that this blog will offer people the same release as it does me, putting my thoughts, feelings and plans on paper seems surprisingly daunting but at the same time I hope that through it I can discover myself and help others discover themselves too. I appreciate that whilst most blogs have a set theme, topic or trend going on I want to try to stay as spontaneous and open as possible; while my introduction probably doesn’t seem like much I can only hope I get better as time progresses. My blog will probably be all over the place but I will try to document my life to its full potential and try to give others ideas if they’re stuck in their own lives.

I’m naturally a very weary person, I don’t particularly like change or challenges in life and have very little interest in going out of my way even if it’s for my own benefit. I grew up in a pretty timid town in England where little happened and even less was exciting; somewhere along the line between childhood and my quickly-fading adolescence I became, what I can only describe as being a bore. The adventures, excitement and plans I had concocted whilst young and impressionable had somehow been left behind and I moved into higher education blindly. I realise this seems like a pretty poor way of introducing myself, but I hope in a few years time I can look back on this initial post and laugh at how I once was.
What does my future hold for me? University is quickly approaching, only 1 month and eight days to go before I leave my relatively cosy town life living with my older sister and move over 360 miles away to the coast to study Marine Biology and Conservation. This is a huge step for me and I want to be able to share my experiences and life lessons with others. So let’s have fun together and work hard.


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