It’s OK to be Nervous, Just Talk it Through

Nine days to go! We’re officially into single digits and well, let’s just say the excitment has turned into anxiety and I can’t even deal with the stress at the moment. Student finance is messing me over, I have no idea if I’ll have money on moving day and, the more I think about the fact that for the next, at least two weeks, I will be forced into uncomfortable situations with large groups of strangers…I’m not looking forward to this anymore…

But, I want to stay positive, especially for you reading since you’re my only motivation at the moment…I want to try my best even before I arrive in my new home. So I’m going to talk for a little bit, as I always do in my daily updates. Because I feel like these next 9 days running up to the move are the most important where essentially I’ll have the most to say. So, about the group issue…I know it’s going to be difficult but I think, since we’re all first years, we’ll all be in the same mental place of anxiety and anticipation. I have high hopes for my first few weeks in terms of finding people to talk to and to stick with since I imagine no-one wants to be alone on the first day of classes and no-one wants to feel left out on freshers week. I’ll do my best to work hard and meet people and try new things.

I’m always afraid of getting my hopes up, especially with big things like this. I’ve moved homes plenty of times and moved between family members so I’m pretty adaptable but I’m hoping that the fact that I’ve settle down this time won’t make it more difficult. I know I’m at a surprising advantage to some of the people I’ll be meeting, I’m pretty good domestically and I can clean, cook, iron and wash clothes which I’m surprised to find out now many university students can do off of the bat.Is it pretentious to be excited to be able to help them out and be useful? Hopefully not. Still, that’s one thing I have going for me, and even if I’m not particularly sociable at least I can help with the more domestic stuff.

I’ve really been struggling with stress these past couple of days, my patience is pretty much non-existent at the moment but I think that’s more because I have been left to my boredom and anxiety for the week which is no good. Helpful tip, don’t dwell on anxiety and stress, go out and enjoy the sun or rain and go for a walk…It really does help clear your head and lets you sort your thoughts out. I  need to get back into walking before I completely lose my motivation. I want to be energized and ready for moving day.

On a positive note I’ve got back into writing! One thing I haven’t mentioned much recently is my love for writing. When I was in Secondary school (high school) I used to write a lot and even had something published, but when I got into college it was hard to get motivated and inspired and I gave up on it for a few years. I’m now back into writing my first full-length book. I guess I have blogging to thank for that, two days in and I’m already feeling ready to do more. I didn’t think people would like my blogging, it’s rough and has pretty much no structure, but I’m glad you all seem to like my content and even follow my adventures and anxious rambling. I hope you stick around for my adventures coming soon and I’ll be posting a lot during freshers week to update you on what I’ve been doing before classes start. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick a society or two to enjoy while I’m there!

Please comment if you think I could improve on anything or if there’s anything in particular you like about my content. I’d love to hear feedback so I can improve my writing and content. If you have any ideas for future content I’d be happy to try something new as well.

Be happy, healthy and hopeful ❤


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