I’ll Try Harder

We’re on six days to go before the big move and I’ve finally started getting ready to pack! While I’m neither excited nor nervous at the moment I have a feeling it won’t be long until I really start to feel the weight of the situation, let’s hope it doesn’t wreck the mood too much. So my room is about halfway packed which is why I missed my update post yesterday and it’s starting to get difficult keeping my cool under this stress. A lot of things still haven’t been sorted, I’m still clueless about my student finance progress and the situation of wondering how the first day is going to be is already starting to get into my head. I’ve found that reasoning with myself is the best way to help me stay calm, however at the same time, with that reasoning comes questions that I have no answer to and neither does anyone else.

I want to find more to be excited for, and I know recently I’ve been pretty negative about the move. But I’m sure once I actually arrive I’ll be fine and excited. Perhaps it’s because it has been such a long wait and recently I’ve just been sorting out paper work and finances but I want to find more to be excited about. So I’m going to start posting to-do, bucket lists and general ideas on what I want to do and achieve in the next academic year (2016-2017) I have plenty of things that I would love to at least try so I’ll try my best to keep you all updated.

On another note yesterday my sister and I went for a walk by a stream that runs close to our apartment and, after a pretty stressful week it was nice to have a nice slow walk in some beautiful nature. I’ve never really bothered with taking pictures before but I think I got some really good shots of the area. I’ve found myself drawn to arches in nature, anything that looks remotely tunnel or arch like I feel has a surprising fantasy element that I really enjoy looking at. I think while walking is a great way to stay fit, it’s just as important to enjoy your surrounding while you walk because that’s just as healthy and calming. I hope next time we go near that spot we find a fox or badger, I’ve been around wild ones before but I would love to take some photos if I get the chance.

I’ll try not to miss another daily update since I think things are going to start getting interesting since we’re at less than a week to go.

Stay happy, healthy and hopeful




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