10 Things That Makes Me Happy

So with my moving day only five days away I’ve compiled a short (very short) list of things that make me happy and de-stress on rough days. This is not only supposed to share a little bit about me and how my mind works but if you also need help with stress why not try some of my ideas and see if they work for you? I often find myself when I’m down or stressed managing my pick-me-up time between useless hobbies and productivity so I don’t feel guilty at the end of the day.

Personally when I’m annoyed or stress I like to clean but at the same time, being unproductive often lets me unwind better and I find myself in a better mood quicker than usual.

  • Having a drink at a café
  • Being around animals
  • Writing stories for fun
  • Playing video games
  • Listening to music/watching music videos
  • Cleaning something
  • Having a beauty pamper session
  • Baking or cooking something nice
  • Going for a walk with nice scenery
  • Doing crafts or learning a new skill

I love visiting cafés and I can’t wait to be able to explore my new home in search of my new favorite place to unwind with a decent drink. I don’t really drink coffee anymore but I love iced coffees and frappes and more often than not, even in winter, I will only have cold or iced drinks likes frappes and smoothies. I find being able to just sit and watch life pass me by a little bit really helps with my nerves and enjoying a nice drink while people watching is a good way to empty my mind and lets me focus on myself for a little while.

I’ve always been around animals, growing up my parents were dog lovers and we were never without a pet. My mum worked on a farm and used to keep a wide variety of animals as pets so I think her love for them transferred over to me and my sister as we were growing up. Growing up I always had the personal pets of hamsters, they were easiest to take care of as a kid and I had just enough space in my bedroom for a long floor cage. While I had hamsters my sister had a gerbil that, in all honesty, hated everyone and everything and may have contributed to my fear of being bitten by rodents. However once that one passed away and my latest hamster managed to free itself from its cage and ran away from home my sister and I upgraded to rats. I know a lot of people hate rats, but domestic rats really are great. They are social, affectionate and intelligent and are like a pre-teens upgraded hamster that you can do much more with. Along with the rats we finally got cats, my parents were always dog people but once they divorced and we were old enough we decided that as long as we could care for them, one cat wasn’t a problem.
two cats wasn’t a problem…
eight cats…yeh that was a problem.
We ended up with EIGHT cats by the end of our time living with my mum, our youngest cat, who wasn’t even old enough to be spayed, had had six gorgeous kittens. I feel like having that experience solidified my love for animals, though I would never condone the planned or unplanned breeding of pets (leave it to the professionals, trust me, baby animals are a hand full)

That’s it for now, I could talk the day away justifying my points but, you get it, right? If you want to hear the stories connected to the other points please leave a comment and I’ll update the post with other stories related to my ten points of happiness.

Stay happy, healthy and hopeful


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