Feeling Good and Excited!

So it’s five days to go and the excitement is finally kicking in! I’ve been looking at good places to visit on my days off and have sorted out some freshers week activities. I think I should have done this as I was getting nervous and fed-up because seeing the opportunities really does pep me up. My first plan which is set up by my university for freshers week is a boat party! It’s supposed to be a full moon that evening and since it’s a night boat party I can’t wait to enjoy some drinks and BBQ food and just enjoy the sea and sky for once. it’ll be my first time on any sort of cruise ship/boat so I can’t wait to take plenty of photos.

I’ve already started looking at things I can look at on my time off, I’m hoping I can work some decent days so I have enough time off to actually go and explore but we’ll see how that goes. My university does offer a lot of help for students looking to find work so I’m sure I’ll be well supported and will have a suitable placement in no time. Life happens but I’ll be sure to manage my time well so I can keep my content interesting and exciting and also so I can stay content and positive.

My first plan of action when I arrive will obviously be to enjoy what little time I have left with my sister, I’ll only have a day with her once we arrive at my university so I want to make sure we have a good last day. Other than that though I want to focus on trying to spend time with my dorm mates and go explore. There are several good towns near my university that I can walk to so when I have a free day from freshers activities I want to find some good scenery spots and maybe go dolphin spotting at the beach since it’s thankfully dolphin season! I’ve found some good gyms to join outside of my university gym that I’m tempted to look at since I want to find a gym that does wall climbing, bouldering and water sports (which is surprisingly easy to find at the coast) so that is one thing I would love to organize once I get my timetable.

I also am planning on kayaking lessons before it turns into winter, once I feel comfortable I can go on marine kayaking tours to swim alongside the gorgeous marine life around my new home. I think that will be a great opportunity for some amazing photos and to have some amazing experiences with animals that I’ve never been able to see in the wild before.

Since it’s turning into autumn I really want to do some seasonal activities for once, I’m not really a fan of Halloween so I’ll probably give that a miss, but I’m intent on enjoying the season in an entirely new environment. My first autumn activity? Cute sweater shopping! I want to be able to enjoy my time to the maximum and that also includes enjoying the little things. So I’m going to do a weekly savings scheme so that, as the weather starts to get cooler I can go shopping for a new jumper or autumn outfit.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling and getting carried away with my excitement, if you have any autumn activities you want to suggest please comment so I can try some out for myself.

Be happy, healthy and hopeful


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