Induction Day


So induction started today…this may be a long post.
Well, for starters I’ve really been struggling with sleeping recently…I think the stress of the move along with my messed-up sleep pattern has thrown me off a bit but I’ve found it hard to fall asleep and even harder to wake up in the morning. Normally I’m great at waking up in the morning, typically I’m very much a morning person that wakes up instantly and doesn’t need coffee or any special means to be in a good mood once woken up. I love mornings usually but I’ve found recently my drive to get out of bed is at a sudden all time low.

So today I had to be at a seminar for 11, reasonable enough since most of my classes next week start between 8am and 9am but for some reason when my normal alarm went off at 8am I just couldn’t bring myself to get up. I ended up sleeping in for an hour and then struggled to decide whether I wanted breakfast or not. I’m hoping once I’ve got into  good routine my sleeping pattern will return to normal and once lessons start I’ll have the motivation to get up.

So schedules today were pretty tame, we had an hour lecture and welcome talk with the entire bioscience course which was fun because all of the tutors for the course are so funny, witty and interesting that it went by surprisingly quickly. Our schedule from lunch until 5pm was snail hunting and marking as a team-building exercise, surprisingly enough it was actually quite fun and my tutorial group and I made the most of our time together hunting for garden snails around campus and played some games as we walked. After collecting 17 snails (yep we had a competition with the other tutorial groups) we ha a tour around campus. I’m still 99% sure I’ll get lost again but at least I know the general directions of my lecture halls and labs.

It is difficult, and I know university life will have its ups and downs but I’m hoping once I have adjusted I will be able to deal with the struggles efficiently and openly with few lasting stresses and anxieties.

If you have anything you want to know about moving, university life or general questions for me please post a comment and since I want to start posting reader Q&As.

Be happy, healthy and hopeful


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