Kayaking Trip and Fun Day


Today has been what I would call a very productive and very character-building day. University life is nothing like I would have thought and even though lessons haven’t even started yet I am beginning to prepare myself for the busy times that are on their way. Although it hasn’t been a particularly full day of events I have had plenty to do before my first lecture started at 1pm, I’ve found myself becoming slowly more adapted and domestic as the days pass and I’m quite proud of how quickly I have adapted and fallen into a routine that works for me. I have also found I love having my own space, being able to enjoy my personal space and do what I want with it has been so much fun and I’ve really enjoyed building up my list of things to do once I settle in properly.

So my first lecture today was called ‘UniSmart’ it’s basically a talk on safety and lifestyle choices doing university years and well-being. I could go on for hours about how amazing this talk way, it doesn’t sound like much, especially because I have had this talk so many times before in high school and college but, trust me, the delivery of this talk was exceptional. He went through everything from alcohol and drug safety to sexual consent and health and well-being, living away from home, mental health and how to deal with emotions often felt when moving into university. I felt so understood and appreciated during the talk that I didn’t even think about it when we were asking to go group participation and introductions to the people sitting beside us. He understood how it felt to be anxious and shy around new people and he turned it into a fun game that was easy and relaxing to follow through with.

I have met a couple of people on several bioscience courses that I have spoken to these past couple of days, we went for coffee on campus today before I had to go to a short lecture about my first field course on Thursday. So…the outcome of this short meeting is that I’m going kayaking on Thursday. So I’m pretty nervous, however I think during the two hour session I’m hoping I will come to enjoy it and maybe even get good at it?

I also want to mention I did something very difficult for myself today, after the sudden Kayaking trip warning I took to their website to ask the business that was taking us on the tour about sizes of wetsuits. I hate messaging companies, especially ones regarding certain needs where I am feeling like I’m putting them out of their way. However they were quick to get back to me and were incredibly helpful and friendly and my anxiety was quickly eased.

Update on the trip on Thursday.

Be happy, healthy and hopeful


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