Feeling Better And Upcoming Plans.

I think after three weeks to settle in I’m ready to start actually planning and scheduling my time. For the past three weeks I have taken all of my free time to settle, move in and generally get used to my environment and have done very little other than classes so now that I am settled and feel a bit more confident I am ready to start doing more activities to share with you guys.

Because it’s autumn it’s quite hard to find many things to do without being effected by the weather, water sports will start to shut down since autumn/winter is storm season and dangerous for sports and the weather is already starting to get stormy and the days shorter. However me and a friend are in the midst of organizing a couple of trips not far from campus for wildlife watching and are hoping to do a night search for owls, bats, badgers,foxes and hedgehogs before hibernation starts. I also have plans for some traveling either later in the year or the beginning of next to travel around South of England where our University is to do some sight-seeing, photography and coast-watching  and I’ve also been talking about the possibility of going to an anime convention a couple of cities away since our closest big convention is about four hours away. We’ll see how those plans go.

Expect fun things in the future.

Be happy, healthy and hopeful


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