One Step At A Time


So after a few days of feeling ill, depressed and anxious I am back and hopefully back with regular posts again! So I am in my third week of University and have finally started getting into a routine. As I mentioned in my previous post I have been suffering with crippling anxiety recently and while I have been sick with ‘freshers flu’ for the past two days I have also been home-sick which I’ve never really had before.

Home-sickness, I don’t think I’ve ever really suffered from this before, I’ve moved around so often in the past three years that I think I’ve become completely adaptable and independent from my living environment, however after being sick, struggling to eat and generally struggling with my new life I felt completely lost but, I think I’ve found a couple of ways to deal with it which I will recount in another post since I want to try and keep with post as positive as possible.

So, how have I been doing since my last post?

I am eating again! After talking to my new university friends and my family I was able to slowly climb out of my emotional rut. That day my friend took my shopping and we bought some more food for my dorm and I bought a new jumper as a little treat. I used to hate shopping, especially clothes shopping. But once I turned into a teen and was actually able to buy clothes that I actually like I’ve found it to be surprisingly therapeutic. Before you all worry, I am being careful with my money and I have only bought the one luxury item since arriving. So after I was able to get back into a system with eating I moved on to my finance fears. I really struggle with talking on the phone and visiting places I have never been to before in the fear of getting lost. While the finance department that set up our bursaries sucks and is as useful as a chocolate teapot (excuse the British-ism) the university departments are so kind, helpful and patient and after conquering my anxiety to call them (four days from my deadline! Do not leave it this long, I was lucky they excused my lateness) they extended my rent deadline and were more than happy to help with any other issues I had regarding finance including a budgeting workshop, employment workshops and key skills tutoring to help me find a job on the side of classes which was extremely helpful so my slight anxiety with dealing with university departments has been quelled a good amount in the past three weeks.

So, although I have mentioned a lot about my struggles I would love to now talk about my accomplishments and how I’ll doing in terms of university life and my well being. So I am set to do my first load of laundry in the next couples day, yes I’ve waited three weeks don’t judge me. The idea of doing my first load of washing on campus plus dealing with the weird payment method and finding the laundromat in the first place terrifies I am at a place mentally where I think I am ready to conquer my next fear and do my first load of washing on my own now that I have a drying rack for my clothes.
Also other than my inevitable freshers flu I am doing well in terms of health. After my black-out scare from not eating I visited my local market and found SO MANY HEALTH FOODS! I love cool new health foods, especially supplement drinks since I deficient in a lot of vitamins (my body doesn’t process most of them properly so I need to take supplements) I found some really good and really cheap drinks and foods that are good if I’m having a busy day or need an extra health boost.

I’ll try to write more informative and positive posts now but I don’t intend to lie about my experiences. I think it’s important to show the good and the bad sides of university and dealing with life in general. But I hope this has been a small insight to my current situation and expect another more informative post late.

Be happy, healthy and hopeful



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