Hiking In The Woods


Today’s morning mantra!
“Slow progress is better than no progress”~Anon

Feeling much better today and I’m ready to get onto some more adventure update. Friday my bioscience class headed out into some woods to collect data on ferns and the area we went to was actually the site of an abandoned gunpowder factory (pretty sure it blew up a long time ago since all of the ruins were separate and crumbling…the irony) I did get photos of part of the ruins but sadly the photo was blurred so I won’t be able to use it as the photo header, sorry.

The woods was beautiful, it’s been a while since I last went anywhere like it, I did used to go to some woods often as a kid which my mum took me to but the area wasn’t really safe so we stopped going. Thankfully where I now live it’s really safe and thankfully crime rate is super low compared to most areas around it so I might go back for some late-night owl and bat watching since it seemed to be a pretty good spot to watch wildlife.

I won’t lie, I was pretty close to skipping out on this field trip, the amount of times I’ve injured myself on our field sessions really put me off and as with my other two sessions I got really worked up on whether I could keep up, if I would fall, if I would make a fool of myself. I’m going to give you all some advice I learnt over the past three field sessions. Nothing is as bad in real life as it plays out in your head. Especially for people with anxiety, situations can get out of hand in your mind, it happens with me all of the time but I think I’m learning to control it because once you do it once you can only get better and there will always be people around you looking out for you and some probably have the same worries. Going into these woods, especially because we still had to do some hiking, I found out that people really aren’t as bad as I think they are, when I think people will ridicule me or judge me in fast they tend to be quite the opposite and are more than happy to help and comfort people that struggle. I met up with some other people in the bioscience field that I don’t really get to see (I’m in a smaller class as a Marine biologist and most other bioscience students are either zoology students or conservation students) and it was surprising to talk to them about  their own experiences so far and one of they grew up in the area so it was good insight to hear about the area and the people, turns I picked the perfect town to come to, nothing but good things to say thankfully)

The woods themselves were surprisingly busy, a lot of school groups use it and it’s a popular walking spot but even though it’s small it wasn’t hard to find a nice quiet spot and it’s split between a hike up the side of a cliff edge with bridges and stairs and the main woods which has a couple of swings in the trees and a couple of streams. One of the students I paired with for the work often goes to the woods to read so I planned to go again and take my sketch book writing pad and see if I can get some inspiration though I’ll have to go when it’s due to be quiet. I didn’t get to spot much wildlife other than a few diving birds and a spider or two but I did read that the area gets foxes, badgers, snakes and owls so I’ll have to go back when it gets warmer to go looking for snakes.

I also want to give some quick news, I’m going home in December for winter break and since it’s nearly a nine hour train ride back so I have some fun plans for posts through December including travel, crafts, self-help and fun things to do. I’ll also be doing some more posts on uni life.

I would really love some feedback too guys, if you have a quick second to just drop me a comment with any improvements you think I can make or any topics you want me to cover it would help a lot. Thanks!

Be happy, healthy and hopeful


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