Goals and Adventures


Today’s morning mantra!
“It wasn’t a waste of time if you learned something”~Anon

Over New Year I like to pick out some goals and plans to carry out over the year, last year led me to university so this year I’m hoping to accomplish even more. I suffer from anxiety a lot so a lot of these may seem like small goals or interests but a lot of the things I choose are supposed to help me ease my anxiety.

This year there’s a lot of things I want to try for the first time and since I finish university in March I’ll have plenty of time to do it!

  • Travel outside of Cornwall
  • Travel around Cornwall
  • Start diving lessons
  • Get my own apartment
  • Get a job that I can work comfortably around uni
  • visit a quirky café
  • Join a university society
  • start a youtube channel
  • join the gym
  • visit an ‘escape the room’ café
  • save up to go to K-con Paris
  • visit an outside adventure park
  • visit the beach at night and enjoy the sky


Be happy, healthy and hopeful


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