New year!


Today’s morning mantra!
“Don’t decrease the goal, increase the effort ”~Anon

I am back everyone! After a very long break I am ready to get back into the new year with a lot of new and regular content. Hopefully.

For me the new year has a really big effect on me, unlike most who spend the new years partying, drinking and generally going out, I like to spend new years eve and new years day re-energizing and re-organizing my thoughts. I love the new year, rather than considering it as the ‘new year new you’ trend I consider it a restart to do things I missed last year. The new year starts a new cycle of seasons and I get to enjoy them all over again and for some reason I love that the most about it. Being able to enjoy summer spring, autumn and winter all over again and being able to enjoy seasonal activities (like the beach since I missed it last year since I arrived at the coast in autumn) I like to plan out a bucket list, goals list and a personal development plan to carry me into the new year. I usually do these things throughout the year adding small extras to my lists as the year progresses but I’ve found that when in comes to my own health and well-being I am rather lazy.

This year, New Year came at the perfect time for me as I am preparing for January exams, I may or may not have used the festivities as an excuse to force myself to be a better student since I didn’t do particularly well last term in lectures. I had a lot of time to think over the New Years holidays, especially since I went home to my mother and sisters, so I am intent on doing well this year now that I am slightly more prepared for university life. I think for me, spending the holidays with my family really helped me sort out my thoughts, so I am intent to do more this year so I can feel accomplished and satisfied with my efforts

How did you guys spend your New Year if you celebrated it at all?

Happy new year, everyone

Be happy, healthy and hopeful



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