Things Are Looking Up


Today’s morning mantra!
“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously” ~Anon

I’ve been back in the dorms for three days now and most of my seven dormmates still haven’t come back from break. I must say, I am enjoying having less people to worry about around the kitchen and dorm. A couple of the girls have come back from break and although I still don’t talk to them much I am enjoying being comfortable around the kitchen and feeling able to greet and talk to them freely unlike before I left in December. I still struggle when people are cooking but I feel like, as more people start coming back, I might be able to work up to feeling comfortable around them all once again and not feeling weary to cook, clean or talk around them.

The dorm is surprisingly comforting to be back in and although I’m having a lazy break, it seems, I look forward to seeing what I can achieve this term. Exams are next week for me and I feel like, slowly but surely, I’m getting comfortable with my abilities and my lacking areas so I can focus on overcoming my, surprisingly varied, shortcomings, in terms of academic abilities. The new term will bring a lot of new challenges but I look forward to them and eagerly await my chance to test and better myself.

I start occupational therapy regularly at the end of the month and have already started looking for weekend work. I need to move out of my dorm around March/April so I’m focused on getting to a mental and financial stability where I feel like I can handle living on my own. I know there’s a lot to do, especially this term, but I feel like this is the perfect experience to share on my blog with others that may be dealing with the same things and feelings as I will be having to deal with soon. There’s a lot of projects coming up, I completely finish university in April where I will transition to living alone and moving onto my second year which will include a short field trip abroad which I will be excited to document.

I feel like, having been home for three weeks, I feel a bit more prepared for living alone. I became overwhelmed when I moved, having to learn everything as I went and not really getting much advice from other people but after being home and being able to ask questions I feel much more prepared.
If I had to give any advice, after being away from home for three months now, I would honestly say don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t know how to budget? Ask. Don’t know how to cook for yourself? Ask. Not sure what to EAT on your budget? Ask. If you’re too afraid to ask, the internet is always open and usually has all of the answers you need. I struggling with my laundry at first, although I have done it before the university machines are different from what I’m used to and I wasn’t used to some of the clothes colours that I had to separate, thankfully though the web had most of the answers for me and I didn’t really struggle all that much. I’d highly suggest finding a good site for domestic tips and just binge on it for a while until you feel comfortable that you know what to do.

Let’s all work hard in the new year!

Be happy, healthy and hopeful


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