Thoughts on Dorm Life


Today’s morning mantra!
“What good are wings without the courage to fly” ~Atticus

I’ve been thinking a lot, especially recently, about the choice I made to move away from home for university. A lot of the people at my university had to move quite a distance to come here since a lot of students came from inland to study at the coast. Since I spent the holidays with my family I was able to re-evaluate my choice a bit better since when I moved away to study my older sister moved back in with my mother until she could get money together to get her own place. Even just being back for the three weeks I had a lot to think about and a lot of issues in my mind to ease before I came back to Cornwall for the new term.

Although it’s hard, and I don’t think any student would tell you any different, it’s an odd situation to be in. Dorms are like a student’s first home starter-pack especially my specific dorm since we don’t even have a lounge and instead watch TV at the kitchen table. It’s a good way to learn how to survive on your own but if you end up with less-efficient dorm-mates prepare for hell because your life will be split into telling people to clean their crap away and another will be cleaning it for them because they’ve left it for so long that it starts to smell gross. Even my dorms has one of those, it’s annoying and really not all that fun to deal with. For the most part, most students in dorms don’t tend to have issues with their dorm mates but most universities do have a moving rule where, if you have issues with a dorm member you can report them and their move out or have them moved.

While I find dorm life hard from living with seven other people I don’t it’s a bad experience at all. I’ve been able to learn a lot from my dorm mates and since I’m the only science student amongst a group of media and art students it can lead to some pretty interesting conversations. I’m very lucky that I was able to afford a dorm, it isn’t exactly cheap but, since it’s the coast, it’s cheaper than most places you can rent.

I was worried that by going home for the holidays it would make me regret my choice to move away, but I’m thankful that my trip home reaffirmed my decision on the move. While I love my home and family and miss them dearly, I feel like I’m in a part of my life now where this move is critical for me to develop and to heal mentally. I would recommend it to anyone in all honesty, if your dorm is as good as mine in terms of size and rent it’s a great experience and helps you ease into adult responsibilities if you’ve never lived alone before.

Got some questions about dorm life or general university life? Ask in the comments below and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

Be happy, healthy and hopeful


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