Learning to Ask For Help and Social Resolution


Today’s morning mantra!
“You don’t want to look back and know you could have done better” ~Anon

Being in university is slowly teaching me more and more about things that, before now, I thought weren’t particularly important. I’ve survived twenty years with my current abilities and thought-processes and I thought that since they worked I probably didn’t have to change them. Although I find living in a dorm tough one useful thing that comes with it is you live with such a variety of people that you’re bound to pick up some tips and tricks that you’ve never considered before. Since I struggle with social anxiety one thing I’m bad at is obviously socialising, although I love being able to talk to new people and learn things from them the initial meeting them and introducing myself has always been the hardest part of meeting new people. One thing I’m slowly learning is that people really aren’t as bad as I think they are. After being let down by people a lot in my past and being bullied throughout my entirety of school including college I had given up on the idea that anyone could put up with me or be even remotely kind, thankfully slowly but surely some of my dorm mates are proving me otherwise.

It’s nice not to feel alone, especially around exam time. My two dorm friends have been especially thoughtful and now I feel that slowly but surely I can learn to ask for help from them and hopefully, if they feel like they need it, maybe they’ll be able to come to me. I’m quite a useless adult but I’d like to think that past my anxiety and depression I’m a decent shoulder to cry on. Three years of counselling does make it easier to listen for an hour or two at a time to people. While I’m nervous of being let down again by people I consider my friends I am intent on trying harder to maintain our friendship and hopefully improve myself in the meantime.

Be happy, healthy and hopeful



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