Exams Have Finished! Where To Go From Here.


Today’s morning mantra!
“It’s impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you aren’t feeling twinkly yourself” ~Roald Dahl

So my January exams have finally finished and while I feel like I didn’t do particularly well I feel that, considering the circumstances recently, as long as I get my 60% to study abroad I will be happy. This year’s exam results don’t count to my final degree so I am able to take this year to just get familiar with how essays, science papers and the exams work. Since the exams have finished until March I feel like I have enough time to prepare myself better. There’s a lot of things I want to do before my exams, once my exams finish in March I have to prepare myself for my second year.

I feel somewhat better prepared for this term, last term somehow feels like a taster even though it counted to just as much as this term will. Since I had to settle in to university life, the dorms and pretty much a completely new way of living it feels like it took me this long just to organise myself enough to be productive. I’m hoping that after everything that has happened up until now in terms of exams and assignments that I’ll do better from now on. I’ve found it a good time now to revaluate everything and reorganise myself now that I’ve been able to pick out my strengths and weaknesses.

This, or more so, these next couple of months will hopefully prove to be especially productive and successful. I have a lot of plans that I think will be exciting and interesting for me to talk about in upcoming posts. There’s a lot to organize before I can really get into things again but as I begin to sort out adventures and activities I’ll be sure to update everyone. There are a few project’s I’m aiming towards especially this term. First is to start diving lessons soon, I need to be able to scuba dive for a trip next year. I’m looking into a marine internship too to help with living costs and help me not only get a better standing in the industry but also to help with the confidence issues I’ve been having recently.

So that’s a taster for what is to come, I hope you’re all enjoying the daily updates. Please leave feedback below so I can keep improving.

Be happy, healthy and hopeful


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