New Habits


Today’s morning mantra!
“Take every chance to drop every fear” ~Dr Seuss

Recently I’ve picked up some new habits from living on my own. For example, since living on my own I have to have a FULL clean of my bedroom and bathroom every week. Organisation was never really a problem for me but I didn’t really have anything to organize and since I lived with my sister for a year she insisted on cleaning on her own. Since having my own dorm though I’ve found that if I don’t have a big clean-out every weekend the week ahead gets me even more stressed than usually and even though I’ve never really been a particularly tidy person I enjoy taking a day out to just organize my mind and work-space. I’d highly recommend it for people who suffer from anxiety like me, when you clean and organize your mind feels that little bit more manageable and organised too.

I LOVE shopping, and I don’t mean clothes shopping…I love grocery shopping. When I was younger I didn’t really pay attention when we went shopping but now I love looking for cheap but weird snacks or meal ideas and since getting my own space I adore household sections that I can look at cute pillows and bedding. I have officially been domesticated.

I wash up before I eat now, usually I would leave washing dishes until after I ate but now, since I eat in my room since I don’t like eating in the kitchen I’ve found that I wash previous dishes while cooking and then wash my cooking stuff before going to eat. My dorm mates usually end up using up the dish drainer until it’s full and things are falling out so I just wash and dry everything on the stop to save the hassle of having to come back.

I can kill an hour just by staring at a wall and making up music videos in my head. Comes in use during boring seminars, not going to lie to you guys.

This is a bit of a short insight to my university life currently, since I’ve been doing well with my ‘a post a day 2017’ I wanted to take a short break from my life insight posts to just throw some trivia around.

Please if you have any topic suggestions for a future post, please let me know. It is hard to think of a topic a day and if you guys have any ideas it means that I can keep putting up content.
Thanks in advance.
Be happy, healthy and hopeful


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