Trying Things Out


Today’s morning mantra!
“You will only fail if you give up on yourself”-Anon

As you know…or maybe not…I’ve been doing a post a day since the first of January (three posts on the 3rd because that was when I decided to try it…bad timing…) and so far the posts have had very little structure. I’m worried about the connotations this will have in later posts by using all of my resources and posts as fast as I have been with the post a day concept. For some it wouldn’t be so bad but at the moment since the term is only just starting out it’s a bit difficult to find a topic a day without it becoming pointless posts with no real reason to them.

Recently I’ve been doing some personal posts and future posts and even one about my past in mental health industries but I feel like with no real plot or structure they may come across as just pointless rambling. I have a lot of types of posts that I want to do but I feel like I don’t have the structure at the moment to make it happen. So I’m taking a short break to re-organise and reassess my content to try to bring you guys better posts. Now the thing is, I may end up posting tomorrow, I might figure my stuff out in the time between this post and tomorrow. I might not need a break at all. But I am giving you guys a heads up that there may be some changes either to the blog page itself or the content or just pause in my uploads as I try to figure things out.

I hope you can understand my personal opinion on my content that I think that it just isn’t good enough to continue to put out to people and even if readers were not a factor I personally am just not happy with what I am currently creating. So over the next week expect some changes, nothing major, but I hope you will all keep supporting me as you have been and wait eagerly for a new set of content.

Be happy, healthy and hopeful


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