Thoughts on University


Today’s morning mantra!
“The tallest Oak in the forest was once just a little nut in that held its ground”-Dr. Seuss

So, as the university year come to a close already I feel like I should update my opinions on my adventure so far. I go to Exeter University in Cornwall England and at the moment I have a lot to say. I told you the university name just in case anyone is interested in studying here too. I’ll be adding some more university-specific posts soon on for people considering studying here.

So I’ve been here for seven months, nearly eight and I put off talking too  much about it because I wasn’t sure myself how I felt. First of all, I am so glad I made this decision. I know had my situation been different when I was picking my university and course I would not have made the choices I did and while it has been difficult it has been an experience I will never forget. I have met some amazing people, both students and tutors and thanks to both I feel like I have truly made Cornwall my home. The people and atmosphere here are amazing, nothing like what I have been around before. Everyone is very open and expresses themselves comfortably, from guys wearing skirts and makeup to girls wondering around campus in pajamas and bed hair. The university student population have been, for the most part, extremely welcoming as a whole and offer such a diverse range of personalities. We have a fair amount of international students too and as our campus grows I look forward to meeting more interesting people.

My course is in Bioscience Marine biology so I have a lot to say in terms of course content but I will leave that for now. However there are some interesting things to mention such as I have tutors who are actually surprisingly famous scientist that have been on TV, which is pretty amazing. It’s interesting to be able to learn from actual professionals and to be mentored by them, they’re all approachable and open-minded and as biology students they are more than happy to help us in any way whether it is in private life, university life or work life. We meet lots of amazing people, various guests come to the campus to talk to us about jobs, projects and work placements that are usually abroad so we get a lot of extra help and guidance.

University life, especially if you’re not used to living and surviving on your own can be extremely difficult but equally as satisfying. Learning to budget and manage your time and to just generally be an adult can be difficult to get used to but there’s always help at hand to offer you support. I haven’t had a very good dorm experience living with seven other people but that sort of thing is completely dependent on the people you end up living with and you can ask to move most of the time. Frustrating people exist everywhere but since you spend so little time with them it’s not too bad. Don’t let that put you off.

In terms of workload, because I’m on a biology course it can be extremely daunting but it’s equally as interesting and even if something doesn’t interest you I can guarantee you’ll find something that does. the trick is to try to find something interesting and amazing in every subject otherwise you’ll quickly find yourself struggling to work and keep up with lectures since it’s very content heavy. The bioscience courses here do a lot of trips and practical work from lab work to working out in the field so even if you don’t like the lecture environment you can always look forward to the practical work.

I find myself feeling more and more grateful for my opportunities here, I have met some amazing people and have had some amazing opportunities and adventures. Moving away from home was difficult and I do find myself being homesick sometimes but after a while you do end up settling down and really feeling at home here, it’s hard not to. From amazing beaches, beautiful countryside and a gorgeous campus I really am so lucky to be here despite the difficulties I’ve had to face.

Be happy, healthy and hopeful


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